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Sylvaneth Enclave

Sylvaneth settlements are called Enclaves. Some are simple clearings in the forest, home to a single small clan of Forest Folk while others are great arboreal metropolises with thousands of sylvaneth from many large clans. The only constant is that the heart of the enclave is a soulpod grove, for without it the glade would wither and die.[1a][2a][2b][3a]


The design and locations of enclaves vary widely, and while they are most common in Ghyran, they can be found throughout the Mortal Realms. Enclaves' most common element (besides the ubiquitous soulpod grove) is their construction on powerful sites of life magic. Some enclaves are based around groves of mighty trees while others might incorporate other signs of life magic, such as majestic waterfalls.[2a]


The smallest enclaves are Heartglades. These are often little more than a forest clearing and a small soulpod grove attended by a Branchwraith and a few dozen Dryads. While they may be small, the heartglade is often invoked as a metaphorical place of familiarity and safety, underscoring their place in the sylvaneth imagination.[1b][2a]


Main article: Greenhold

Greenholds are the sylvaneth equivalents of the fortified cities of other races. The population of a greenhold is usually mostly from the same glade, but often many clans coexist within the greenhold and many soulpod groves are located in the most secret and fortified areas. Many of the regents of the great glades of the sylvaneth rule from a greenhold, such as the Dowager Queen of the warlike Heartwood Glade, who commands her wargroves from Hol'leath in Kurnotheal.[1a][2a][2c][4a]