Surveyors Guilds of the Free Cities

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Surveyors' Guilds are organizations within the Free Cities of Sigmar's Empire that map uncharted regions of the Mortal Realms, due to the ever-changing nature of the Realms and the constant ebb and flow of civilization constant updates to these maps are required.[1a]


The guild-chartered maps created by the Surveyors' Guilds are often rough sketches of the topography and geography of the myriad regions of the Mortal Realms depicting such thing as coastlines, mountain ranges, and cavern systems, as well as the pockets of civilization strewn across them. Such maps can become quickly outside as civilization expands or exceeds across the war-torn Realms.[1a]


The guilds receive many sketches and reports from meagerly paid field agents, with couriers often used as in-betweens. The lives of these agents are often humble affairs as they travel from frontier to frontier sleeping in ruins, tents, and similar habitats, seldom lingering in any region longer than necessary to sketch out its topography.[1a]