Steel Spike

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Coat of arms of the city of Steel Spike

Steel Spike is a fortress city on the eastern edge of Aspiria, located in the Great Parch of the Realm of Aqshy. Situated right on the strait know as the Bridge of Brine, Steel Spike guards the southern entrance into Aspiria. The city's closest neighbors are Brightspear and Lumnos.[1a]


Sometime after the ignition of the Kindling Forest, the aspirians moved to secure the other crossing into their lands. A fortress was constructed by the Aspirians to guard the strait that separatesAspiria from the central lands of the Great Parch to the east. Over time, more and more battlements were added, turning the whole peninsula into a single fortress, now simply known as Steel Spike. The fortress defences proved to be so formidable that during the Age of Chaos, forces of the blood god Khorne choose to bypass Steel Spike, instead of facing it head on. With the other aspirian cities falling to Chaos one by one, many refugees turned to Steel Spike for protection, turning the fortress into a city in its own right. [1a]


The people of Steel Spike are distrustful of magic from outside, trusting only magic that they have woven themselves. Going so far to turn away all delegations from Lumnos and Brightspear, and ignoring all requests made by Salonia Gravewing of the Celestial Warbringers.[1a]


Occasionally visiting monks of the renowned order of the Flickering Fists will put on public demonstrations of their skills in the city's streets.[2b]


The defenders of Steel Spike make heavy use of fire magic, preferring their magical ballistae and cannons, over black powder based firearms. Some units, like the famed Searing Guard, make use of magical flaming weapons. Occasionally, warriors of Steel Spike leave the protection of the city's walls to move against the forces of Tzeentch.[1a]

The city's most famous defenders are the Searing Guard, a force of halberdiers who wield halberds coated in magical blue flames. They have defended the city for centuries and will even appear in battlefields across Aspiria to aid allies.[1a][2a]