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Spiders of the Mortal Realms.

Spiders are a species of arachnid found within the Mortal Realms often used as mounts by the Spiderfang Grots.


Giant Spider

Giant Spiders are big spiders ridden into battle by Spider Riders. Their bite is venomous and easily able to claw across walls.[1b][1d][2]

They come in many nightmarish breeds. Such ass the Blistermere Skulkback, the Blue Cliffleaper, the Greyfang, the Chamonite Ironweb, and the Shrieking Manglespitter. Each variety of arachnid sharing the qualities that Spiderfang Grots desire in their mounts.[2a]

Gigantic Spider

Gigantic Spiders are huge spider ridden into battle by Scuttlebosses. Their bite is venomous and easily able to claw across walls.[1a][1c]


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