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Spawning pools are magical chambers in which the Seraphon are incubated and birthed via the technology of the Old Ones.[1c]


Within Ziggurat-Ships, spawning pools are typically found within the deepest and most secret chambers. These emerald lakes glisten with Azyrite magic, with starlight eternally dancing across their still surface. Through turning great wheels and pressing golden plaques in sequence, the Seraphon feed unfathomable amounts of magical energies into these pools, bringing new generations of their kin into being. The spawning pools are of incomparable value to the Seraphon, for they are the means through which they produce new warriors to fight against the Eternal Enemy. These chambers are guarded by Saurus champions and many Starborne fleets choose to remain amidst the heavens purely to ensure these engines of life are kept beyond the greed of those astromancers and daemons that seek to study or despoil them.[1c]


Alongside great engines and the secret vaults of the Old Ones' relics, the spawning pools of the Temple-Cities are typically 'phased' into the ground, hollowing out subterranean caverns below what becomes the streets of the Temple-Cities. The spawning pools of skinks are typically located towards the outskirts of the temple-city while the spawning pools of the saurus are deep below its heart.[1d]


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