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Slynk Skittershank

Slynk miniature.

Slynk Skittershank is a young throat-cutter that leads the Skittershank's Clawpack Underworlds warband. He is one of the Clan Stryk's most ambitious assassin and aims to ascend to the rank of Deathmaster.[1][2][3]


He led the Skittershank's Clawpack warband dispatched by Clan Stryk to investigate the Nethermaze.[1]


Slynk embodies all the devious cruelty of the Eshin Clans and has perfect the art of misdirection, by lurking amongst his minions to ambush his foes at an oportune moment and scurry away before they can counterattack. He is trained in the Running Death fighting style that allows him to attack with incredible speed and dexterity. [2]


Slynk wields a Eshin Throwing Stars and a pair of Weeping Blades that drip with Eshin Toxins of his own concoction that causes agony to his foe.[2]