Sludgeraker Beast

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Sludgeraker Beasts are a species of carnivorous beasts that live in the swamps used as mounts by the Snatchabosses of the Kruleboyz.[1a]


A Sludgeraker has lanky arms that are strong enough to crush a Grunta skull. Its jaws are filled with rot-coated teeth while its tail is similar to cat o' nine tails. They also secrete an oily substance that helps them avoid getting grappled by enemies which is mixed with that of slimy swamp-beasts the Sludgeraker feeds and other detritus. As Sludgerakers do not clean themselves this builds up on their underbellies giving them an extremely noxious scent.[1a]


Sludgeraker Beasts are stealthy ambush predators. They stalk their prey while submerged within the swamps and staying upwind of their target due to their smell. They know when to strike a single blow before withdrawing without further exertion as the target would die of the infected wound. [1a]

Use by Kruleboyz

Kruleboyz use these as mounts for Snatchabosses and are considered status symbols among the Gitsnatchaz Tribes. In addition the muck that builds up on the bellies of Sludgerakers provide Sludgeraker Venom which when coated on weapons is so noxious it can leave a nasty infection with just a scratch thus Kruleboyz often wipe their blades on the bellies of Sludgeraker Beasts.[1a][1b]



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