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The Sky Roads of Chamon are a network of thin, seemingly endless highways floating over the continent of Ayadah in the Realm of Chamon that are almost always wracked by alchemic storms. Many of these roads bisect toering peaks, creating mountain passes.[1b][1c][3a]


These thin metal bridges float high in the skies above Ayadah, a continent of the Spiral Crux. They are so high that they weave through vast the clouds of alchemical storms and carve through the towering peaks of the continent. This, and the presence of the Ogors of the Thunderbellies Mawtribe, makes the freezing metal bridges dangerous to traverse.[1c][1d][3a]


Age of Sigmar

The centre of Sky Roads of Chamon have long been the favoured hunting grounds of the Thunderbellies Mawtribe, whose beastrider clans barrel across the thin bridges atop their Stonehorns mounts, devoring all in their wake. Though the young Mawtribe has grown in prominence in the Age of Sihgmar, their power is being contested by rival powers.[1a][1b][1c]

Foremost among these are the local Dragon Ogors, who have come into conflict with the Thunderbellies in the past. Such as when the two sides entered into a bellowing contest at the mountain pass going through Thunderstar Heights. The contest ended when the road cracked under the vocal pressure and dozens of the Dragon Ogors fell to their deaths, an even that much amused the Thunderbellies.[2a]

The Lightspear Chamber of the Knights of the Aurora seek to conquer the Sky Roads and transform the causeways into trade routes between newly founded strongholds of Order, such as their own Stormkeeps. When the two sides finally lock blades, amidst an electrical storm, their battle nearly tore apart the highway they fought on.[1b]


Most of those who inhabit Ayadah believe that it was Grungni who crafted the Sky Roads of Chamon, hoping they would connect his scattered children. The Thunderbellies believe them to be the guts of Gorkamorka, trailing behind him as he rampages across the Mortal Realms. The Ogors believe that if they continue to traverse the seemingly infinite skyways, they'll eventually catch up to their god and earn a place at his side.[1c]


Though the centre of the Sky Roads of Chamon are dominated by the Thunderbellies Mawtribe, who extend outward in an ever-expanding circular Mawpath, other creatures have made home for themselves upon the roads or mountains they pass through, these range from Dragon Ogors to flying beastmen and piratical grots.[2a][3a]

Bastions of Order have also been established among the Sky Roads, with their most eminent defenders being the Knights of the Aurora who have established multiple Stormkeeps among the Sky Roads.[1b]

Flora and Fauna

The Mournfangs used by the Thunderbellies Mawtribe have become attuned with the region, their fur becoming storm-black and rippling with the lightning of the local tempests. The clouds are often thick enough that the black-furred predators used them as camouflage.[1c]