Skull Throne

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The Skull Throne is the throne of Khorne. It is located in the dark heart of greatest keep of the Blood God's Brass Citadel in a throne room lit by a great fire pit where the souls of those who were cut down as they fled from battle are burned. The immense brass throne sits on an ever-growing mountain of skulls of every mortal race that has ever existed and will ever exist. The skulls are both the heads of those of his champions who have fallen in battle and those his champions have slain.[1a][2a]

From his seat of power Khorne oversees all his brutal campaigns, bellowing commands and hurling fresh daemons into battle, both in the Realm of Chaos and the Mortal Realms beyond.[2a]

The Flesh Hound Karanak, greatest of his kind, lounges at the foot of the throne and gnaws on the offerings not worthy enough to be added to the mountain of skulls.[1b]