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The Skulbugz is one of the major Orruk Warclans of the Kruleboyz originating from Chitinia in the Realm of Shyish known for their obsession with insects to the point other warclans find them to be strange and morbid. [1a]


The Skulbugz are naturally skilled in the art of binding beasts into their service but prefer the company of insects and even like to sleep in nests teeming with insects. A rite of passage among Skulbugz yoofs is to squish a Deathcrawler Beetle between their teetch, suck out its poison, spit it into a clay ball and ride out a shuddering coma that lasts for days. These practices have resulted in the Skulbugz gaining the respect of nearby Spiderfang tribes but the Skulbugz don't care as they don't find spiders to be proper bugs. [1a]


Skulbugz specialize in the use of poisons which are usually used on their own beasts to drive them into a frenzy in battle.[1a] The Greenskins and warbeasts of Skulbugz are magnets for all kinds of "creepy crawlies" that swarm around them and in battle they tend to climb up the legs of enemies, the biting and wriggling causing their foes to be distracted.[1b]


The ancestors of the Skulbugz colonised the underworld of Chitinia which was populated by those that considered insects a symbol of industriousness and strength. Despite being populated by giant insects the Orruks made the place their own and tattooed skull-like markings present on insects of the underworld on their bodies. After the Swampcalla Shamans chased away the resident spirits the Skulbugz have become the defenders of the underworld. [1a]


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