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The Clans Skryre churn out mountains of material every day, more weapons of war that could ever possibly be wielded by themselves. A great many of these are cumbersome weapons of destruction intended to be borne by a pair of skaven known as a Skaven Weapon Team. They can be carried into battle by either dedicated Skryre Acolytes, or sold to the other Great Clans to be crewed by whichever overconfident fools that can be talked into the job. [1a]


The Doom-Flayer is a truly unsubtle tool of slaughter. It is a motorised metal ball of whirling blades that was originally developed for tunnel clearance in subterranean warfare. A warpstone generator powers it, with one skaven tending to its temperamental motor and keeping the Doom-Flayer moving. The other crew-rat steers, cackling maniacally as the vehicle ploughs through the enemy ranks amidst sprays of gore and viscera. Should the Doom-Flayer stall in the midst of the foe, however, their vengeance is often swift and bloody. [1a]

Poisoned Wind Mortar

Poisoned Wind Mortar crews use their crude but effective contraptions to hurl corrosive orbs of warpstone gas and chemicals into the enemy line. [2a]

Ratling Gun

Ratling Guns are multi-barrelled whirling death-machines. They are powered by warp-steam and kicked into gear by a hand-crank, causing the six barrels of the Ratling Gun to spin and whir, spitting a barrage of warpstone-laced bullets that tear rank after rank of the foe to bloody shreds. Overheating, however, can lead to an explosive misfire – which, once the skaven crew begin maniacally cranking and firing for all they are worth, is always a danger – but the carnage the guns cause more than makes up for this instability. [1a]


The Warp-Grinder is the strangest of all the commonly seen weapon teams. Originally intended as a device to help create tunnels quicker, this weapon’s warp-energy projector pulverises anything in its way, compacting earth, rock and even metal and leaving a narrow tunnel in its wake. Though cave-ins and meltdowns are a constant danger, groups of skaven can scurry along the tunnel in the Warp-Grinder’s wake and – with some margin for error – burst from the ground to fall on the enemy’s flank or rear. As such, because of their propensity to allow sneak attacks, these weapons are utilised often by the Clans Eshin. [1a]

Warpfire Thrower

For ranged mass carnage, the Warpfire Thrower is a popular weapon. It pipes a warpstone-infused solution from a sloshing tank into a heavy nozzle, through which it is sprayed in gouts across the enemy. The viscous brew ignites on contact with the air, bursting into ferocious green-black flames that scorch their victims, whilst the crew-rats squeal sadistically. [1a]

Warplock Jezzail

Warplock Jezzails are long-barrelled rifles that require a two-skaven team to load and fire, and loose high-velocity rounds made of refined warpstone that strike with enough force to punch through even sigmarite plate. The warp-bullets leave vivid green trails as they rip through the air, impacting with a highly distinctive deafening crack. Victims struck by jezzail fire are smashed off their feet as though hit by a wrecking ball. [1a]

They are lightweight in comparison to the equipment carried by other weapon teams, quick to relocate and easy to maintain. As such, Jezzails are popular within skavendom amongst hired killers, allowing their wielder to strike quickly, from a great distance and without their target knowing the danger until it is too late. Should a target not die upon the first shot, each jezzail is equipped with a bulky pavise designed to protect the weapon’s operators from returning fire. [1a]



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