Sister of the Thorn

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A miniature of a Sister of the Thorn.

Sisters of the Thorn are a fellowship of arcane warriors that fight in Wanderers armies, pledged to sorcery and subtlety. This sisterhood rides into battle on the back of Fey Steeds and summon the fury of the wilds and nature of the woodland realms as a weapon to obliterate the enemies of nature. They can even cast a spell, called Shield or Armour of Thorns, so that crawling brambles burst from the ground and form a living barrier around their allies.[1][2a][2b]

They are led by Handmaidens of the Thorn and supported by Standard Bearers and Hornblowers.[1][2a][2b]


Sisters of the Thorn are armed with Blackbriar Javelins, which they hurl in volleys with uncanny accuracy, and Deepwood Coven Staff, to use in melee. Their mounts can also lash out with their antlers and thrashing hooves.[1][2a][2b]



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