Shyish Nadir

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The Shyish Nadir is a hole created at the center of the Realm of Shyish during the Necroquake.


The Ossiarch Bonereapers, having first been sculpted into being on the border of Ossia and Necros, have meticulously expanded their empire around the perimeter of the Shyish Nadir. They do this not only to protect the heartlands of Nagash, but also to draw directly upon the pulsing deathly energies of the Nadir itself. Since the Great Necromancer ordered nearly all of the grave-sand in Shyish to be taken to the realm's heart, it has become the area most saturated with amethyst magic. So surreal and twisted is that area that the Ossiarchs erect their primary necropolises around the Nadir's circumference, ringing that great yawning pit with an empire of bone so that even Archaon would struggle to challenge Nagashizzar's might.[1]