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Shreek is a bird working for the Ogor Maneater Gorlok Blackpowder in the Blackpowder's Buccaneers warband.[1][2]


Shreek helped Gorlok build a reputation by roaming the Penumbral Sea and plundering its ships. He found himself washed up in Harrowdeep after falling into a whirlpool in the Penumbral Sea with the rest of the Blackpowder's Buccaneers warband. While his master Gorlok sought adversaries he and the rest of the crew looted everything.[1][2]


As one of Gorlok's minion he scurries between his legs and over his broad shoulders taking the oppurtunity to swoop down and attack far away foes with his cruel talons. This often results in him taking blows for his master.[2][3]



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