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A Shar'tor the Executioner miniature from the front.

Shar'tor the Executioner is the lord of the Ba'hal and a malevolent warrior-priest of the dark god Hashut.[1][2]

This Bull Centaur will charge into battle like an avalanche of muscle and rage, trampling all beneath his iron-shod crushing hooves.[2]


He wields the terrifying Darktide Axe in battle, a cruel weapon with burning vile runes of hatred and malice, steeped in untold years of slaughter. A countless number of murderous spirits are bound within the axe,increasing each time Shar'tor slays one with them.[1][2]

The sacred Mask of the Executioner he wears marks him as Hashut's favoured headsmen and empowers him with the ability to call out his name with such force that its sound can kill the weak of heart and fills those loyal to Hashut with unholy wrath. Like his axe, the dark metal of the mask contains many malign spirits that can be unleashed upon their foes.[1][2]