Shadowblade Assassin

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A Shadowblade Assassin.

Shadowblade Assassins are a type of Aelven assassins belonging to the Shadowblades faction. They are far more skilled than a human killer, they are the true masters of murder. They are rumoured to have the ability to change faces, hiding as any of the mortal races of the Realms, hiding in plain sight as they move through cities. There is no city, fortress or warcamp they cannot infiltrate. They hide amongst mass of soldiers, only revealing their identity when deal the killing blow, which their target seldom sees coming.[1][2b]


They are armed with Poison-coated Blades and are known to use the following poisons[1]:

  • Black Lotus Venom: One of their deadliest poisons used to slay kings and warlords.[2a]
  • Deathshead Poison: A deadly blend of venoms that ensures their mark is slain.[2b]



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