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Sepulchral Armada

The Sepulchral Armada is an armada of ghostly ships crewed by Nighthaunt pirates under the command of Admiral Chernavar, an ancient Pirate Lord.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Sometime after the Necroquake the Sepulchral Armada began attacking the ships of privateers, merchants, and fisherfolk throughout the Charrwind Coast as part of a plan to instill terror in the citizenry of the Free City of Anvilgard, and wreck their fleets before an invasion of the city.[1a]

A number of the armada's members were left to guard the Occulum Ignus, a lighthouse vital to their plans. But eventually a band of Soulbound arrived to restore the lighthouse and lead the efforts to banish the armada from the Charrwind Coast.[1a]