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Sea of Dust

The Sea of Dust is a vast expanding wasteland of dust in the Realm of Shyish.[1]

Buried in its depths are whole cities and civilisations as well as countless deadwalkers and it is constantly expanding. [1b]


Partially or fully (and hidden) submerged deadwalkers are found throughout it which can be danger to travellers - a fast steed or vessel such as a dust-barque is recommended. Most dangerous are the so-called corpse-reefs as hundreds of the dead are pushed together by the blown dust, there are thousands of them in the sea. [1c]


It was created by Nagash when an army of more than a million peasants, kings, lords, knights and bandits marched to overthrow Nagashizzar. The council of rebels, including Lord Pharrok was warned against the attempt by Mannfred von Carstein but they would not listen. [1c]