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Scryshrooms are fungal inhabitants found within the Fungal Asylum, the term was coined by Skragrott the Loonking.[2a]


Whenever a seer or scryer is captured by Skragrott, they are brought to the Fungal Asylum and then turned into fungal life with the Loonking's Moon Onna Stick. All that remains of the Aelf, Duardin, and Human seers captured to make the scryshrooms are their faces, which scream and wail and whisper in horror. Occasionally these entities will make prophecies related to the movements and appearances of the Bad Moon.[1][2a]


Skragrott makes great use of these scryshrooms, using them to track and predict the movements of the Bad Moon.[2b]


‘Across the void aetheric,
Under light of crooked moons,
The heavenly vaults break open,
To reveal their greatest boons.’

‘The dead and the damned search the darkness,
Making war with the hateful light,
But the Clammy Hand reaches out o’er all,
Seeking treasures of the Bad Moon’s might!’

A prophecy uttered by an aelven-faced scryshroom to Snaggit, Loontenant of the High Gobbapalooza.[1]