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Sawfang Sakur

Sawfang Sakur is a Aelf Fleetmaster of the Scourge Privateers, a corsair from the Realm of Ghur and a member of the Twilight Cabal. [1a]

Arika Zenthe raided several of his ships that entered her territory, stealing Lassitor hides to sell. [1a]


His face is heavily pierced as well as melted and scared from hunting and fighting the lethal monsters of his home. The expanse of his teeth are filed to razor sharpness. [1a]


You're wasting your time, Zarkland. Her soul has been tamed. Too much time in the company of the God-King’s whelps. Were she my kin, I would have her flayed and thrown to the ghyresharks.

~ Sawfang Sakur .[1a]