Royal Beastflayers

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An Abhorrant Flaymaster

Royal Beastflayers are Flesh-Eater Courts cliques of daring loners, peasant trackers and grotesque Offal Hounds that form around an Abhorrant known as Flaymaster. Beastflayer hunting parties include Minor nobles grown in size from consuming the meat of slain beasts, trackers drawn from the local peasantry, as well as Offal Hounds, mutated ghouls that have become overwhelmed by the bestial energies of the realms.[1a]

The members of a Beastflayer hunting party are motivated by a lust for glory. They shun ghoul society, instead preferring to stalk the wilds of the realm. yet, they all know when the time comes they will wear down their prey's defences so that the Flaymaster can deliver the final killing blow. For the Beastflayers, it does matter not if their quarry is a noble beast, or horrendous monstrosity.[1a]

Many Beastflayers will rip the hides from beasts once they are slain and hang them from their castle's walls as trophies, while the meat will go on to fuel the next hunt.[1a]


Regarded as the most skilled hunters of their court, these Abhorrants lead Royal Beastflayer hunting parties into the wilds of the Realms. Many take after the Baron Gizzard of Ushoran's first court. Baron Gizzard was believed to have hailed from the frozen Helfrost Empire, located on the periphery of Ushoran's domain. He was often depicted wearing thick furs, and armed with the large harpoon of an ice-hunter. Many Flaymasters seek to emulate the Baron by wearing coats of flayed skin, many also replace one of their arms with polearms or spears.[1a]



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