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An army of Rot Flies being led by a Great Unclean One

Rot Flies are colossal, malevolent daemonic insects used as mounts by many followers of Nurgle.[2]


Rot Flies are created from Beasts of Nurgle who had become resentful after their displays of affection are rebuffed many times by their victims. Upon being banished to the Garden of Nurgle they enter a depression during which flies swarm over the daemon to form a chrysalis. When the metamorphosis is completed the cocoon bursts to reveal a new Rot Fly.[5a]

Unlike their previous form of a Beast of Nurgle, Rot flies are malicious and seek vengeance from those that rejected their love. This revenge is usually enacted by devouring their victims, trapping their remains and souls within the daemon for an eternity of suffering. [5a]


Rot flies are revolting creatures, taking the form of enormous flies with lumps, boils and exposed innards spread around their equally bloated and spindly body. They have two pairs of ragged, brittle wings and their bulbous abdomen have the horrific contorted face of their partial digested victims. They have horrible fangs, many beady eyes and can have plague proboscis, mandibles or stingers.[2][3][4]


Their appearance is so repugnant it scars the mind.[2] They drizzle foul fluids as they fly through the skies.[3] They attack with lashing limbs, prehensile proboscis, venomous stingers, chitinous limbs, foul mouthparts and biting maws.[4][1a] They are disgustingly resilient creatures, able to take a lot of damage because of their unnaturally, diseased bodies.[1a]


Rot Flies are primarily used as flying mounts.[2]




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