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Reshevious is a Champion of Slaanesh who seeks his lost god. [1]


He is tall and powerfully built with a lustrous mane of silver hair, his body clad in interwoven strips of leather armour that clings to his perfumed flesh. Glittering piercings festoon his body and intricate tattoos wind their way across his quivering mutations, flowed behind him like a comet’s trail. [1]

He rides a huge chariot of silver and gold, encrusted with gems and whirring steel blades and pulled at speed by six Steeds of Slaanesh. Chained to a spike on the foremost yoke is the mutant Inhilus who guides the champion in his quest for Slaanesh.[1]


For many years he has sought his god across the Mortal Realms. [1]

In the Time of Tribulations he sought his master in the Realm of Ulgu, despite his deep dislike of its uncertain nature he ran headlong into an ambush by the warriors of a Darkoath Queen. Revelling in the subsequent clash of arms, he paused long enough to hear her offer of alliance. Only briefly did he pause and then he carried on, challenging her to keep up. [1]


Never question. Never deliberate. Simply act. This you know. The scent! The Inhilus has the Scent! Faster, unworthy dogs, always faster!’

~ Reshevious to his standard bearer, Bacchinux.[1]