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Red Butchers

The Red Butchers are a Khorne Bloodbound warhorde.[1a]


The current master of the Red Butchers is Lord Baudrax the Hunter. He has made a vow to hunt the greatest beasts of the Mortal Realms and present their skulls as offerings to Khorne.[1b]



Age of Chaos

  • They fought the orruks of the Irontusk Rampage at the Echoing Rock in Ghur with the help of the skaven. While they were hard-pressed by the arrival of the seraphon, who aided the orruks, the unexpected emergence of an Arcanabulum from the earth turned the tide in their favour. Spurred on by the arcane energies, the Butchers managed to slaughter the defenders. Afterwards, they used the bones of the slain to build osseous bastions that still stand around the Echoing Rock.[1a]

Age of Sigmar