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Qular Vo the Unredeemed is a Keeper of Secrets that besieged the Fyreslayer hold of the Ulgaen lodge.


Immodestly garbed in chainmail harness it stands as tall as a gargant, with blue skin and four arms, the daemon has the head of cow with many blood-red horns. It carries three swords and a long whip and is cloaked in cloying unnatural perfume that arouses dark passions in those nearby.


For a hundred and one years, the daemon flung its followers at the duardin hold, unleashing cultists and breaching worms against it but it held firm. However as had been foretold, the lodge was betrayed by one of its own and the horde gained entry. The survivors, led by Ulgathern-Grimnir were then pursued by the daemon and a climactic battle at the threshold of the Gaenagrik Realmgate, where it was slain by the combined efforts of Ulgathern and the renegade berzerker, Bokkengird.


I am Qualar Vo, the Unredeemed. Little duardin, so stubborn, so strong-willed, so boring. Let your passions flow, and join with me. Such things I will show you

~ Qular Voto to Ulgathern-Grimnir.[1]


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