Questing Serpent River

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The Questing Serpent River

The Questing Serpent River is a living river within Thondia, which viscously races through the Morruk Hills and into the Clawing Sea.[1a][2a]


Starting high in the grinding mountains that edge the crumbling land of Carcass Donse, the Questing Serpent River stretches north for thousands of miles, passing through the Morruk Hills until it eventually spills into the Bay of Mallus. The river cuts its winding course across the shifting landscape, occasionally even running uphill. It is one of the major sources of fresh water in the region and proudly so, for when several tribes of Kruleboyz attempted to poison it at one point, it rose up and drowned them.[3a]

River Spirit

The Serpent River is a living spirit, which when provoked will rise out of its river bed and attack any intruders. The spirit is powerful enough to lift a Mega-Gargant and snap it half. A white-bodied force of nature, it savages its way northwards through the Morruk Hills on its way towards the Clawing Sea. Its foaming torrent carves its way through the landscape, bounding from rock to rock with an energetic and defeaning roar. The mass vapour it throws off leaves the air sultry and hot. Should this river's spirit somehow be killed, daughter rivers will burst from its remains, each competing with and consuming one another in their quest for the swiftest coarse through the newly ruined landscape.[2a]