Quentelm Boros

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Master Quentelm Boros of the Ironweld College of Sapenna is one of the foremost engineers in Lethis. [1a]


He is a old mam. bent over and usually covered in grime, oil and smoke stains from his creations. His hair and moustache are a stark white cover when not soaked and smeared with grime. He does not bother with shoes but wears frayed breeches and a yellow coat. He is quite deaf and often screws a trumpet into his ear. [1a]


He is a respected advisor to Lord-Ordinator Pharyus Voltis with the rank of Master Tinkerer. [1a]

When Ammos Varon sought the phylactery of the ancient mage, Valagharr on the Latchkey Isle he recruited Master Boros to provide transportation and technical support as a master in demolitions. [1a]


He has invented many things which are well known in Lethis and most recently the Borosian Steamcrawler, a giant steam powered hand which can travel over land and under water. [1a]


Well, that is absolutely splendid. My theories were sound, of course, but I have never actually tested the steamcrawler in submerged conditions. It appears the welding holds together after all. You can tell, because I was sure that water would immediately start pouring through every nook and cranny. Yet it appears we are seaworthy! How wonderful!

~Quentelm Boros to Shevanya Arclis .[1b]


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