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Quell is a renegade Warlock Engineer.[1]


Quell has a high price on his head from the arch-warlocks of Skryre after he had eliminated his rivals with explosives that also collapsed an entire district of Blight City, then set the remains on fire before finally leaving it adrift in the void. [1d]

He was commissioned by Kretch Warpfang, Grand High Clawmaster of Clan Rictus to build a war-machine capable of breaching the mighty defences of Excelsis the City of Secrets. [1a] At the same time he acted on behalf of his other patron, the Verminlord Skewerax [1b]

Having created the Warp-wheel he used it to enter the Forest of Gorch in search of the Spear of Shadows, one of the Eight Lamentations. He obtained the weapon and returned to his lair at Lion Crag where he hoped to combine the two into a weapon that could destroy anything he pointed it at. [1c]

Unfortunately for him, agents of Grungni, Neferata, Tzeentch and Khorne all assaulted his stronghold at the same time in an attempt to claim the spear and in the process the Warp-wheel was destroyed and he only survived due to the Ninety-Nine Feathers. [1e]


Soon-soon, yes-yes, you will take us to the killing ground. And then my genius shall be obvious to all. Even to stupid-stupid daemons and impatient warlords.

~ Quell to the Spear of Shadows.[1]