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The Peakwood is a Sylvaneth sacred site and enclave of the Oakenbrow Glade atop the Greatstump in Thornfallow in Ghyran.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

When the forces of Nurgle conquer the Greatstump, the Peakwood remains the only part of the region uncorrupted by Chaos. However, it shrinks to a fraction of its previous size and its untended soulpod groves fall dormant.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

After the rebirth of Alarielle results in realmroots once again twining up the Greatstump. Seizing this opportunity, the Treelord Ancient Haaldhorm leads an Oakenbrow wargrove to liberate Peakwood. He successfully ambushes and destroys a force of Rotbringers and Pestilens skaven attempting to destroy the forest before awakening the Peakwood's soulpod groves. With his foothold established and fresh reinforcements from the soulpod grove, Haaldhorm makes plans to expand the enclave and retake the rest of the Greatstump.[1a]