Omphalo Dohl

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Omphalo Dohl is a Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls [1a]


A tall spectre clad in black burial robes and a suit of shattered armour, his face hidden behind an iron death-mask, such as those worn by the ancient folk of the Ghurdish Hills complete with tusks and curling horns. His voice is reminiscent of a funerary bell with each word sounding like a portent of doom and his eyes were black as pitiless as the void yet not malignant. [1a]

At his waist is a scabbarded sword, its sheath tattered – its bare blade etched with dolorous sigils. In one pale hand he holds a staff, itself topped by an ancient lantern with a shrivelled hand inside, each of its fingers topped by an eerie, green flame. [1a]


He was in the retinue of Pharus Thaum at the siege of Glymmsforge.[1]


In death’s shadow, all men are equal, in misery and reward. For the Undying King bestows blessings as well as curses. But only upon those who acknowledge his primacy. I sense your doubt, my lord. It hangs heavy over you. Look into my lantern light, and your doubt will burn away. You will see the truth, and all doubt will be lifted from you

~ Omphalo Dohl to Pharus Thaum. [1a]


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