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Ogroid Theridons are the military caste of the ogroid people that combine monstrous strenght with honed martial skill can be found fighting alongside the Slaves to Darkness.[1a][1b]

These units are led by Thorakons, and are supported by Banner Bearers and musician called Charge-callers.[1b]


Near the end of the Age of Myth, the Goroan ancestors of the ogroids swore their allegiance to Archaon in exchange for a sovereign nation within the Eightpoints. Thus, the Theridon caste now fights for Archaon's cause, no matter what that might be.[1a]


Across the Age of Chaos, Archaon made great use of the Goroans to instil some semblance of order and military training amongst the myriad clans, tribes and packs of beasts that formed his great hosts. The warbands of powerful Theridons, each led by Myrmidon captains, formed the martial elite within the hosts of those Daemon Princes who knelt before the Empty Throne. The ogroids were seen as useful shock troops by those Daemon Princes that revel in monstrous power.[1a]

Like other Ogroids, each wound inflicted on a Theridon drives its anger further, forcing it into a berserk state. Additionally, they can choose to stop suppressing their inherent savage spirit to strike at their foes with a furious bestial frenzy.[1b]


They had an affinity with bestial energies; it is widely believed than an ogroid can smell motes of amber magic on the breeze, making them excellent hunters when a champion of Chaos wishes to prove himself mightier than even the behemoths of Ghur.[1a]


Theridons wield either Goroan Falchions paired with Goroan Shields or two-handed Goroan Great Axes.[1b]

Mark of Chaos

Ogroid Theridons can have the following Marks of Chaos:



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