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Pict Ogor.png
Icebrow Hunter ogor
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beastclaw Raiders
Maggotkin of Nurgle
Tamurkhan's Horde
Cities of Sigmar
Languages Ogorspeak
Type Mortal

Ogors are a race of hulking brutes the live to eat and fight and can be typically found in the same regions as Orruks and often go to war alongside them.[1]


An adult Ogor is on average twice the height of a human but their sheer girth makes them appear even larger. Their bodies are extremely resilient, swollen with fat and muscle, an ogor can survive in all kinds of hostile environments and are known to survive spear attacks of weapons including firearms and magic at least long enough to bludgeon their attackers. [4a]

Their most notable trait is their bottomless hunger and an ogor can consume almost anything thanks to their rock-hard teeth alongside guts that digest shards of plate armour and venomous offal. Despite this Ogors crave flesh above all others and are driven solely by the desire for food. [4a]


Most Ogors gather into enormous migratory hordes known as Mawtribes that march across the lands, eating as they go. Each Mawtribe follows a circular path, heading out from their lair and after finding meat returning to their homeland for a gluttonous feast. With every consecutive raid, they must travel further and further in order to find new sources of food. [4a]

The Ogor Mawtribes are dominated by two very different cultures, united by their worship of Gorkamorka and their ceaseless quest for meat. The Gutbusters are the most numerous of the ogor tribes and contain most treasure. Beastclaw Raiders are nomads that ride upon massive beasts. They are always followed by magical blizzard known as the Everwinter which forces them to migrate or risk being frozen. While most Mawtribes are dominated by Gutbusters and thus ruled by the near legendary Overtyrants some are dominated by Beastclaw Raiders and are dominated by Frost Kings. When not raiding these two groups often clash creating civil wars that lead to terrible bloodbaths but also a surplus of quality meat. While Ogors are not too proud to feast upon their own kind, many Tyrants and Frostlords consider such flesh to be a delicacy. Regardless most Mawtribes contain a number of warglutts, the nomadic tribes of the Gutbuster Ogors and Beastclaw Raider Alfrostuns. [4a]

Ogors often work as mercenaries in exchange for meat or the coin with which to buy it but ogors scorn concepts as honour and loyalty making them dangerous to be relied upon.Needs Citation

Ogors are easily delighted by loud and explosive displays of destruction, which makes them fond of blackpower weaponry. This is specially prevalent in their gunners, like Leadbelchers, who carry heavy cannons into battle by hand.[4b]

Some Ogors have settled in the Cities of Sigmar resulting in the birth of City Ogors. [5a]


  • Beastclaw Raiders: Tribes of nomadic ogor followed by the Everwinter, an unnatural winter that roam the realms, seeking to satisfy their gluttony with massive amounts of meat.[2]
  • Firebellies: Ogors that worship Gorkamorka as the Sun-eater, emulating their gods ability to breath fire once he had taken a bite from the sun.[3]
  • Gutbusters: Nomadic empires of muscle and hunger, they move across the Mortal Realms to fill their bellies and obtain shiny plunder.[3]
  • Maneaters: Ogor mercenaries, tried and tested warriors, paid in food, shiny trinkets, weapons and often outlandish costumes.[3]


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