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Odrenn is one of the outer islands of the Spiral Crux, one of the most prominent subrealms of the Realm of Chamon. It is found to the north of Ayadah.[1b]


Age of Myth

When Grungni made the lands known as the Godwrought Isles, he gifted each of the finished landmasses to his worshipper clans among the Humans, Duardin, and Gholemkind that followed him.[1b] He would also teach the Singing Bladesmiths how to forge Liquid-core Blades. Once he determined all was in order, the Smith-God left to join the Pantheon of Order in Azyr, to fulfill oaths promised long ago to Sigmar.[1b][3a]

When the Spiral Crux was still known as the Godwrought Isles, the Godbeast known as the Lode-Griffon migrated from it's native subrealm of Hanging Valleys of Anvrok and settled on the centermost island of the Godwrought Isles. The presence of the Lode-Griffon and it's magnetic blood shifted the perfectly straight islands of the subrealm, causing a metallurgical apocalypse that shattered the power of the Brother Adamant and caused the people of the inner islands to flee outwards.[1b]

Many of these refugees came to Odrenn, Viscid Flux, and Ayadah. It was during this time that all three regions and their artisan tribes rose to prominence, by forming lucrative contracts with the refugees and through their skill at alchemy and forging.[1b]

Chief among those who rose to the fore in Odrenn were the Singing Bladesmiths, whose Liquid-core Blades became highly sought after by the warrior fraternities of Chamon.[1b]

Age of Chaos

Many regions and nations of the Spiral Crux are ravaged during the Age of Chaos, some quickly fall before the forces of the Dark Gods while others flee from them or join them. The armoured warriors of Odrenn are among those that choose to fight the encroaching darkness.[1b]

But in the end, much of the region is conquered by the forces of Tzeentch and the survivors are forced into hiding.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar's Tempest appears in the skies above Chamon it brings hope, and the sigmarite-clad Stormcast Eternals of the Stormhosts. At first these demigod warriors fight alone, but they are soon joined by the surviving people of Ayadah, Odrenn, Azgal, Viscid Flux and Cold Iron Anvil. With the aid of the warriors of these peoples, and the arrival of a war host comprised of the Free Peoples of Azyr, Sigmar's forces are able to create footholds all across the Spiral Crux, these eventually grow into cities that become centers of stength, sanity, abnd trade.[1b]

As safe bastions of Order and civilization once more spring up across the Spiral Crux, the Singing bladesmiths of Odrenn are once more able to take up their craft.[3a]


The people of Odrenn are well-known for their skills in the fields of alchemy and forgecraft, with the greatest exemplars of the latter being the Singing Bladesmiths whose Liquid-core Blades are surpassed by none except the Living Blades of Celemnis. The region also has a history of warrior fraternities dating back to the Age of Myth, and Odrennite duelists are known to exist even well into the Age of Sigmar.[1b]

The ancestors of the current Odrennites had been among those clans who worshipped Grungni the Smith-God, being granted the island of Odrenn after it's creation, and before he left to join Sigmar's Pantheon of Order.[1b]


Neighbouring Islands

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