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This page contains spoilers for: Callis and Toll: The Silver Shard (novel)

Occlesius of Asciltane, the Realms-Walker was a traveller, philosopher, statesman and inventor in the Age of Myth [1]


A small shaven headed man with blue eyes, a weak chin and a wispy beard, almost nondescript and quite unlike the many heroic images of him. [1c]


When the king of Carsinnian took his forty-first wife, Occlesius accompanied him on a scythagor hunt, although the king was the victim of that which he hunted. [1e]

Travelling to Xoantica, he was the only soul to escape alive its cleansing by the Slann Lord Pa'tha'quen'tos.

He died and was laid to rest in the place he called home, the library-city Quatzhymos in the Realm of Ghur. [1a] His tomb was magnificent but hidden, entrance only gained by manipulating a hanging ornament made up of representations of the eight Mortal Realms. [1b] Although his writings survived in the libraries of Azyrheim, [1d] his tomb was sought by many and finally found by an expedition led by the Golden Lord and guided by Shevanya Arclis who also discovered that he had used a Shadeglass soulstone to avoid true death. [1c]

This glass, a gem that took the place of his left eye enabled him to watch the passing of the years as his spirit could still roam the city and even converse with others. However when the city fell to orruks, the interactions and observations became much more limited. [1d] Shevanya and the soulstone were later captured by the Golden Lord and forced to guide him to the lost city of Xoantica in the Fatescar Mountains. [1f] It was only when they reached the heart of that city that he recalled his previous visit, where he had nearly been sacrificed. [1g]

At the last he allowed himself to be removed from the soulstone which was used as a prison for the daemon Nem'k'awet and which was cast into the void between realms. [1h]


He was known for being both a genius and self-obsessed. [1b]


You and I are kindred spirits, Miss Arclis. We are both explorers, intrepid souls who brave the unknown in search of secrets that none have unearthed in thousands of years. Granted I am somewhat less mobile than I used to be, but think of the partnership we might form!