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Ocarian Lantern

The Ocarian Lantern is a relic created from a shell of translucent Aetherquartz containing a constellation of glittering sun-motes, each a fragment of blinding radiance plucked from the tapestry of Hysh by Teclis.[1a]


Age of Myth

The Lantern was first used by its creator to draw forth the initial tortured aelf-souls from the belly of Slaanesh creating the beings known as the Cythai.[1a]

When the twisted nature of the Cythai was revealed, they fleet into the depths of the oceans to escape the wrath of their creator. But before they escaped, the Cythai took with them the Ocarian Lantern, so that Teclis may not use it's powers to force them out of their exile. It took many Aelf lives to breach the arcane wards and slay the protectors of the Lantern, but in the end it was theirs.[1a]

The Cythai used their mastery over illusory magic to hide away the light of the Lantern. They built a temple in the Maithnar Sea in Ghyran, at the bottom of a black abyss so deep its said to bleed into the Aetheric Void itself, the Sarr Danoi. Protected by illusory magic and colossal monsters of the deep, the Cythai believed the Lantern to be buried forever.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Until the Age of Sigmar, when the Scourge Privateers of Fleetmaster Taras Nightscour managed to capture an Idoneth Soulscryer Priest of the Ionrach Enclave. He quickly relayed the information they gleamed from the Aelfs mind to his old Ally Morathi, who for long has desired the powers of the Lantern. Out of the 60 Khainite Shadowstalkers sent out by Morathi, only a single one managed to escape the cyclopian temple at the bottom of the Maithnar Sea. Blind, half dead, but with the Ocarian Lantern she returned to her mistress.[1a]

With the last puzzle piece finally in her hands, Morathi enacted the next part of her plan and performed her grand ritual. During the events of the Battle of Hagg Nar, Morathi used the Varanite obtained during the battle of Varanthax's Maw to open a portal into Slaanesh's belly. Guided by the light of the Ocarian Lantern, Morathi absorbed the souls of long dead Aelven kings, using their power to ascend to godhood.[1b]

With the ritual completed, and the light of the Lantern spent, Morathi had little use for the artefact and offered it freely to the Idoneth Deepkin that had rushed to Hagg Nar to retrieve this priced artefact. Unaware that it had been given a new purpose. Now it glowed with the light of captured souls, the spirits of the Cythai of old, freed from the gut of Slaanesh.[1b]