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The Spirefall.

The Spirefall is the name given to the devastating Lumineth civil wars in Hysh near the end of the Age of Myth.[1] The magical energies unleashed during the Spirefall were so devastating that they attracted the attentions of the Chaos Gods, leading to the Age of Chaos.[2]


Throughout the Age of Myth, the use of Aetherquartz among the Lumineth pushed them to new heights of artistic, magical, martial, and philosophical prowess, and their gods Teclis and Tyrion, pleased at their children's progress, concentrated on greater works rather than supervising Lumineth society. However, over-use of aetherquartz quickly turned the Lumineth's usual aelven pride to hubris and a desire among each aelf to prove themself superior in their chosen field to all others; the most iconic manifestation of this competition was the ever-increasing heights of the great spires that dominated Lumineth cities. Lumineth who could not conclusively prove their superiority over their rivals turned to slander and their equally prideful targets responded in kind, setting off inevitable escalations into full-blown wars.[1][2]


The energies unleashed during the wars of the Spirefall shattered the Lumineth empire of the Age of Myth and left great scars on the realm itself. While Tyrion protected the last of the chastened Lumineth, Teclis communed with the aelementor spirits of Hysh, ultimately devising the philosophical regime that modern Lumineth society follows in the Age of Sigmar.[2] The scars on the realm from the Spirefall still remain, however, and the magical energies unleashed in Alarielle's Rite of Life have reopened many of them - a stark reminder to the Lumineth of the pain unchecked pride can cause.[3]