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Ninety-Nine Feathers

The Ninety-Nine Feathers are skin-changers and sorcerers, a war-cabal of the Sideways City who serve the King of All Ravens. [1][2]

The services of the Ninety-Nine Feathers can only be bartered for or won. They are however not paid in gold or other valuables but more esoteric payments such as a handful of memories. As war-mages they are highly valued and bidding wars for their oaths can be fierce. [2]

They can change appearance even in mid-flight, shedding feathers and growing arms and legs. They are clad in black scale mail and robes beneath their feathered cloaks, their faces hidden behind black iron masks wrought in the shape of birds’ heads and use curved swords and knives. Normally they fight in silence, wielding both blades and magic with consummate skill. [1]

The mistress of the cabal has no name that any sage is aware of – she is simply known as Daughter of the King of All Ravens. When she takes humanoid form her helmet is shaped like the skull of a raven, her long hair spilling down across her shoulders and the black feathers of her cloak. Pitch black chainmail is sometimes visible through her dark robes. Her voice is harsh, like the croak of a raven. [2]


We see the wars that are waged in the hollows of the moons, and the great rivers that shape the roots of the mountains. We see the ratkin swarming towards the high walls of a city on the Coast of Tusks. And we see the servants of the forgemasters, racing to and fro

~ Daughter of the King of All Ravens. [1]