Nexus Wars

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Nexus Wars
Previous Event Battle of Burning Skies
Next Event Red Century
Great Epoch Age of Chaos
Location All the Mortal Realms and the Allpoints
Outcome Allpoints conquered by Chaos

All Arcways save the Arcway of Azyr controlled by Chaos
Gates of Azyr closed

{{{3}}}Forces of Chaos {{{3}}}Forces of Order
{{{3}}}Archaon Everchosen {{{3}}}Various

The Nexus Wars were the campaigns by Archaon to secure the Allpoints and the Arcways that connected it to the eight Mortal Realms.[1a]


The Allpoints had been a key location since the early Age of Myth, allowing mortals to travel easily between the various Mortal Realms. Their strategic value had long been acknowledged by the denizens of the Mortal Realms, with the fortresses known as All-gates constructed around the Arcways in order to ensure safe passage. Archaon also saw the importance of the Allpoints and planned a grand campaign to seize the Arcways and the Allpoints.[1a][2a]

Simultaneous Wars

Archaon's plan called for simultaneous attacks on all eight All-gates. Eventually, each of the All-gates save that of the Realm of Azyr fell and war spilled into the Allpoints itself. Despite heroic efforts by the defenders, dissension between the forces of Order weakened the effort. The forces of Chaos took the Allpoints, and the war was lost.[1a]


Control of the Allpoints provided an insurmountable strategic advantage to Archaon, who was able to quickly reinforce his armies against any counterattack. Together with the shattering of the Pantheon of Order and Sigmar's retreat to Azyr, this advantage led directly to the brutal violence of the Red Century and the ascendance of Chaos over the Mortal Realms.[1b]

The Allpoints was corrupted and became known as the Eightpoints. Knowing the value of the Arcways, the forces of Chaos either rebuilt or reinforced the breached All-gate fortresses - such as the Ironholds of Chamon - or created new, terrifying dreadholds to guard them - such as the fortress complex of the Eight-castles-that-were-one in Aqshy.[2b]