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The Dryad Fortress of Jadewound in Neos

Neos is a young Jade Kingdom in the Everspring Swathe born from the mating of Thyria and Verdia, and twin of Decrepita.


Age of Myth

  • Born from the union of Thyria and Verdia, Alarielle seeds the newborn lands of Neos and Decrepita with Sylvaneth Soulpods. Soon the lands are inhabited by joyful Oakenbrow in Neos, and bitter Dreadwood in Decrepita. A small rivalry between the different lands quickly arose, but turned sour and into bitter hate not long after, as only a few children are born each year in cold Decrepita, the people of the land turned to Neos to steal children and Soulpods for themselves.[1b]
  • Following Nagash's invasion of Decrepita and the following truce, Neos enjoyed a short time of peace. But not for long as neither the Sylvaneth nor the commanders of the Undead in Decrepita follow the agreed on truce for long. Soon enough hostilities erupt again between the living and the dead in Decrepita, but also against he lands of Neos.[1b]
  • The Jadewound in Neos pulsates with life energy. This surge of Ghyran energy causes the Sap Volcanoes of Erosia to erupt, the Quogmia Mountains burrow the city of Aelfgrove under layers of tree sap.[1b]

Age of Chaos

  • Bloab Rotspawned and his legion of Daemons and Mortals invade the lands of Decrepita. Emissaries race to the lands of Neos, pleading before the Dryads and tribes for assistance in their fight, but the violent history between the two lands causes them to reject their pleads.[1b]
  • Not long after, Morbidex Twiceborn also invades the lands of Neos. Turning the lush forests into rotting mulch and making quick work of the quarreling tribes of the lands.[1b]