Mython Valagharr

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Mython Valagharr the Betrayer[1a], or the Betrayer of Azyr[1f] was once a spell-smith without peer. He was one of the foremost Amethyst Archmages of his time and the highest scholarly authority on the nature of Shyishan magic. But he came to worship death, to worship the Great Necromancer and betrayed the forces of Order.[1a]


He was once a trusted advisor and ally to the God-King, personally fighting alongside him in many battles. He became one of the foremost Amethyst Archmages of his time and the highest scholarly authority on the nature of Shyishan magic.[1a]

But as his expertise of Shyish grew, so too did his veneration of Death. He eventually came to worship Death and the Great Necromancer, in the end he chose to join Nagash's cause and revealed many of Azyr's secrets to his new lord. Among those he betrayed were the Eldritch Council.[1a]

In return for his betrayal, Nagash rewarded him with much arcane knowledge, lands, and power. He became something beyond the shackles of mortality and the many champions of the Heavens that came to punish him for his betrayal failed. Until Grandmaster Huras of the Eldritch Council and his comrades invaded his lands. At great personal costs to themselves Huras and his companions defeated Valagharr, shattered his mortals form, and trapped his soul in a phylactery of Azyrite starstone.[1a]

At some point he studied under Arkhan the Black. The Mortarch would also play a part in Valagharr's demise, betraying him to the forces of Azyr that sought to destroy the betrayer.[1e]

The phylactery would then be placed into the Vault of Stars, a Stormvault placed in Latchkey Isle by the God-King. None can truly say why the Eldritch Council did not simply destroy the phylactery, though one theory is that they kept it to see just how many of their secrets were betrayed.[1a][1b][1d]

A fragment of Valagharr's soul was attached to one of the mage's eldritch tomes. Both Diresius Kauss of Arkhan's Black Disciples and Ammos Varon of the Order of Azyr would lay claim to this powerful artefact, hoping to use it to find the lost phylactery. In the end it would be Ammos Varon who acquired the tome, though the malignant will within it would slowly subsume him for it's own ends, it desired to once more be free and whole.[1a][1c]

It is not known when the shard of Valgharr completely took control of Ammos Varon, but by the time the Witch Hunter and his party reached the Latchkey Isle the shard was in near complete control.[1f]

The shard came close to releasing the rest of it's soul, but was stopped by Shevanya Arclis and her companions, destroyed when his host body was stabbed by a geist-killing dagger. The phylactery itself would be turned over to the Order of Azyr, to be hidden where Nagash and his followers could not find it.[1g]


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