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Mysanta is a living statue that with her brother Theadicles safeguards the Latchkey Isle on behalf of the Prince of Cats. [1a]

She believes that the Prince is dead, but her brother contests this, however their powers as guardians are declining as memory of the Isle fades and Nagash seeks to bring the Underworld under his full control. [1]


She is created to resemble a Cacosphinx of the Realm of Hysh, carved from smooth black stone, her lower half is that of a huge feline with her head that of a noble queen with sheer cheekbones. Her eyes are sparkling sapphires. [1a]


They met the explorer Shevanya Arclis and her companions, seeing that she was favoured by Prince of Cats and assisting her during her time on the Isle. She also led them to the secret lair of the Skaven Pitrikk of the Clans Skryre which they had been unaware of. [1]


That is a rather rude question, my dear. I shall be courteous and assume ypu meant to ask what role we play in the workings of the Latchkey Isle. You may think of me and my brother as gatekeepers, of a sort. Guardians who oversee the game.

~ Mysanta.[1a]

Shall we now? What a funny little creature, seeking to make demands of us. Perhaps we should eat it, brother? I have not feasted for many centuries, and its insolence irritates me.

~ Mysanta.[1a]