Myari Lightcaller

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Myari Lightcaller miniature.

Myari Lightcaller is a Scinari Wizard from the Great Nation of Ymetrica, who leads the Myari's Purifiers.[1a]


He, his familiar Ulari and his Purifiers ventured in a quest to quiesce the living mountain of Beastgrave and to stop the spread of th Katophrane curse to the rest of Mortal Realms.[1a][1b]

During Myari's initial venture into Beastgrave, his group encountered the Hedonites of Slaanesh known as the Dread Pageant, who were attempting to perform a ritual to possibly awaken the mountain. This ritual of awakening was subverted and the group, recognizing their fates are now tied to the bestial mountain, resolved to remain to ensure the balance of power does not tip to one faction.[2]


He is a spellcaster steeped in arcane skill, able to wield the magic of Hysh to dazzle and sear foes. He can cast the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Dazzling Light spells.[1a]


He is accompanied by a Scryowl Familiar called Ulari. Nothing escapes its gaze as it soars above the battlefield and helps him with casting spells and targeting enemies out of sight.[1a]


He wields a Staff of Enlightenment into battle that he can use at close range and can defend himself with searing beams at a range.[1a]



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