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Murrag is a female Ogor who leads the many semi-legitimate and illegitimate businesses involving antiques, artefacts and relics in the Greys, a district of Toba Lorchai.[1]


She has a brutal appearance with jet black spigots for eyes beneath a slab of brow and her hair is coarse, like a goat's wool, braided and decorated in the style of the Kharadron Overlords. Her belly is vast, almost like a second entity by itself, being described as having a handcart full of ripening produce under her mountainous skirts. She has arms as thick as a duardin's waist and hands like shovels. On her fingers she wears bracelets and torqs as if they were rings.[1]


She is extremely clever and almost everyone underestimates her for her brutal appearance whilst her insatiable greed is a manifestation of her ungodly hunger. She rules the business through intimidation and has been observed ripping a man in half before eating them. Her word is law to her many servants and debtors, from drugged grots to duardin that underestimate her greed, if they care for their lives.[1]