Murder by Moonlight (short story)

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Murder by Moonlight
Murder by Moonlight.jpg
Author(s) Noah van Nguyen
Released October 2023

Murder by Moonlight is a short story by Noah van Nguyen.[1]

Cover Description

The Mortal Realms is the epic setting of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, in which heroes, gods and monsters clash upon fantastical battlefields. Dive into this world of thrilling adventure and deadly peril, where champions of the God-King Sigmar fight to defend mortalkind against soul-hungering daemons, undead horrors, and hordes of war-crazed brutes.[1]

Join the noble Stormcast Eternals in this story of intrigue, murder mystery, and adventure set in the Mortal Realms.[1]

Gardus Steel Soul is disturbed by reports that one of his retinue may have been destabilised by their Reforging as a spate of human murders interrupts an ongoing campaign against the forces of Destruction.[1]