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Mortisan Soulreaper

Mortisan Soulreapers are Ossiarch Bonereaper wizards from the Mortisan caste. They are responsible for harvesting souls and because they are created purely for destruction, they cannot create, resulting in them being considered the least of their order. It is said the first of their kind, the life-witch Tomar Venta Kheph, screamed so loud upon her reincarnation as a Soulreaper that the shadeglass windows of Nagash’s sanctum cracked.[1]

Their magic allows them to tear the spirits from a distant enemy in a howling vortex of Shyishan magic which is then trapped in a hollow soultrap for later processing. Stealing a powerful spirit, however, can be dangerous such as when Soulreaper Tua’ghreph was possessed by a powerful aelven mage he intended to harvest resulting in him babbling a stream of spells that devastated his own forces and since then many Soulreapers are built without mouths. They are equally deadly at close quarters, their scythes wrenching the animus from their enemies as their bisected corpse falls to the ground. While the Soulreaper is silent, the shriek of the souls of its victims speak for them well enough.[1]


Mortisan Soulreapers are armed with a Soulreaper Scythe that can be swung in great sweeping arcs that cut down the enemy like grass with even the smallest cut stealing the souls from its victim's body. Bonereapers can also use the power of captured souls to unleash a wave of necrotic energy that engulfs nearby foes[2]