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A Mortis Engine miniature.

Mortis Engines are flying, infernal devices used by Deathmages armies. These engines contain the enshrined remains of a powerful Necromancer and is borne to war by a host of spirits like wailing Banshees and pulled to battle by undead revenants on armoured horses. The engine itself is controlled by a sinister, cloaked Corpsemaster.[1][2a][2b]


At the heart of the engine there is a ancient reliquary containing the copse of a Necromancer that radiates a dark aura that empowers practitioners of Death magic close to it while curse all other spellcasters. The Corpsemaster can also open this triple-locked reliquary to unleash a wave of devastating necromantic energies on their foes.[2a][2b]

The Corpsemaster is armed with a gnarled Mortis Staff. The spectral host that protect the device attack with shimmering Ethereal Weapons, that inflicts a frightful strike that chills the beating heart of their victims still. The Tomb Banshees scream a wail of the damned that curses with maddened demise and freezes the blood in the veins of those who hear it.[2a][2b]

Known Mortis Engines


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