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Metaliths are floating islands found naturally in the skies of each of the Mortal Realms. They are usually stationary and require great force to be moved from one area to the next.[1a]


Before the Ages

The floating islands known as Metaliths' are the detritus that remains of the cosmic forces that created the Mortal Realms.[2b]

Age of Sigmar

During the Lumineth invasion of the Ossiarch Empire, many metaliths were used to transport the armies of Hysh.[2a]

The Dawnbringer Crusades that seek to expand the dominions of Order and reclaim ancient territories once belonging to the elder empires that fell in the Age of Chaos make heavy use of metaliths. Many are employed to transport prefab buildings and supplies, Aqualiths are used to supply water and heal tainted land, and some are turned into Highscryer Islands.[1a]

Magic Properties

Metaliths are capable of floating due to the concentration of magic found within them. This can be drained from them with nullstone.[1a]


Innovative Duardin, Humans, and Aelves throughout the Mortal Realms have learned ways to harness Metaliths as valuable resources.[1a]

The Dawnbringer Crusades use them extensively to transport supplies and materials, as vantage points, and many other uses. In the early stages of preparation they are pulled into sky-docks by Geomantic Magic or steam-grapples, then they are loaded with prefabricated structures and supplies needed to construct new Sigmarite Strongpoints.[1a]

The method by which these floating islands are moved varies depending on the Crusade and what Mortal Realm it is in. In the Realm of Ghur great beasts of burden are employed, while in the Realm of Shyish work gangs of hundreds of willing volunteers pull the metaliths, and in the Realm of Chamon it is common for Kharadron sky-ships to be contracted to haul them.[1a]

It is the Lumineth of Hysh who have learned how best to harness the metaliths of the Mortal Realms. Their Alarith Stonemages, masters of geomancy, can manipulate and move Metaliths with their geomantic magic.[2a][2d]

In the Lumineth nation of Helon metaliths can be found in abundance and are used for many varied purposes by the youths of the nation. Foremost amongst these uses are a test of skill and agility, where the Helonite youths use grappling hooks to climb up to the top of a metalith and then use lightweight wings or flexible patagia to race through the winds.[2b]

The Hurakan of the Great Nations of Hysh build their temples upon metaliths. These structures will often attract Spirit of the Winds of all sorts, as the invisible entities enjoy racing around them.[2c] Shrine Luminors are also built upon metaliths. When these temples float over nexuses of power they purify the lands below of the taint of Chaos.[2d]


Notable Metaliths


  • Metaliths are comparable to the orbital bodies, such as moons, that hover around each Mortal Realm and the islands found hovering at the Realm's Edge of each Realm.[1a]

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