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Menuasaraz-Senuamaraz-Kemurzil was an ancient necromancer and scholar who finally took a stand against Chaos at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar.[1]

He was known to Lord-Relictor Boreas Undying as Mopus because he had never learned to pronounce his old masters name. [1a]


He was pale with skin drawn tight across his skull and bones –every inch of it tattooed in wards of protection against even the most powerful of malign spirits. His fingernails were long and filthy and if pressed he would use a rune-inscribed staff in his defence.[1a]


A renowned scholar who claimed he had been born in the Age of Myth [1a]

In the Age of Sigmar he had retreated to his estate, shielded from the followers of Chaos by powerful magic. The valley was dominated by one of the necromancer’s oldest discoveries – a ancient forty foot high fane of faceted turquoise in the likeness of a deathwatch beetle.[1a]

As its magic began to fade, he gathered a huge army of the dead [1a] including the Carrion Princes - powerful Nighthaunts and even a Morghast he had managed to steal from his master, Nagash. [1c]

Boreas sought him out for knowledge and aid regarding his Stormhost’s assault on the Crucible of Blood using the Thin Man, an ancient artefact gifted to him when he was still mortal by Menuasaraz with the power to move between Realms. [1a]

In exchange for his help in breaking the through the surrounding fortress, the Anvil, the necromancer asked Boreas for the Kuriat, an artefact that had been forged to reclaim the Realmgate. Reluctantly, Boreas agreed. [1a] In turn and equally reluctantly, Menuasaraz then sought out the vampire scholar, Giraldus who was originally from the Kharvall Steppe where the Crucible was located. [1c] He took his eclectic army to the fortress of the vampire and convinced him to tell him all he knew, subsequently they decided to claim the Realmgate for themselves and travel the Mortal Realms with impunity. [1d]

Having already destroyed the vast fortress of the Anvil with the animated skeleton of the gigantic serpent it had been built upon [1b], he and Giraldus’s armies fought both the Stormcast and the followers of Khorne to reach the realmgate. However as he drew close, he realised that his motives were tainted by the influence of Khorne and that the only hope for the Realms was the new armies of Sigmar. [1e]

In order to give his former pupil Boreas and Lord-Celestant Tylos Stormbind time to close the gate, he sacrificed himself and his army – distracting the hordes of daemons. [1f]


We all need help, Boreas. There’s still magic in the fane that those Chaos wretches could never hope to comprehend, but it’s failing. You know I have no appetite for war, but I have been forced to prepare for it just the same. I fear my solitude may soon be taken from me.

~Menuasaraz to Boreas.[1]