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Mendeziron is a Keeper of Secrets. When manifesting in physical form it is four times the height of a Stormcast Eternal [1d]


Accompanied Lascilion in his assault on Nulahmia, its form in the Mortal Realms sustained by a reliquary stolen by the Chaos champion from the Crying Tower and sacrifices – willing and unwilling from his army. [1a] Having summoned a horde of daemons trough the sacrifices in the single siege tower unleashed on the city, Mendeziron assaulted the Jackal Gate, smashing the supporting walls rather than the gate itself and then sought out the mortal inhabitants to glut its hunger for souls. [1b]

Reluctantly it was drawn back into the attack on the temple mount of the city which was failing in the face of resistance from the undead and the newly arrived Stormcast. [1c] All who stood against it fell, including the zombie dragon mount of the vampire lord, Harkdron until he unleashed the magic’s within the Obelisk of Black, destroying the physical form and banishing the daemon. [1e]


Mendeziron is no mortal’s lapdog. By pact and promise do I suffer the summons of flesh. But though you live a hundred lifetimes, know the humility of flesh. Know that when death takes Lascilion, his spirit belongs to Mendeziron.

~ Mendeziron to Lascilion. .[1c]