Mark of Chaos

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Mark of Chaos are symbols of the Dark Gods on the bodies of the Slaves to Darkness. In exchange for the supernatural abilities these marks provide the marked, they must pledge their Soul to one or more patron deities.[1a]

Mark of Chaos Ascendant

A sigil sitting upon Archaon's brow, denoting the favour of all the Dark Gods and provide him with the power of all other Marks of Chaos.[2a]

{{{3}}} Mark of Chaos Undivided

A mark used by both Mortals and Ogroids that puts them under the gaze of the Dark Gods and in consequence are granted better blessings. Heroes with this mark can command others with this mark to target a worthy foe as an offering to the Dark Gods with the promise of glory and favour of the gods.[1a]

{{{3}}} Mark of Khorne

This mark gives Khornates the ability to strike harder with melee weapons just after charging. Heroes with this mark can command others with this mark to charge at their foes and draw blood without falter or hesitation, dealing grievous damage.[1a]

This mark is never bestowed upon wizards.[1a]

{{{3}}} Mark of Nurgle

This mark gives Nurglites the ability to resist damage done with melee weapons. Heroes with this mark can command others with this mark to spread contagion on all surrounding foes by enforcing the decree of Grandfather Nurgle to bestow his blessings to his enemies.[1a]

{{{3}}} Mark of Slaanesh

This marks gives Slaaneshi the ability to run and charge through the battlefield easier. Heroes with this mark can command others with this mark to charge at their enemies without restraint.[1a]

{{{3}}} Mark of Tzeentch

This mark gives Tzeentchians the ability to more easily resist the effects of spells. Wizards with mark gives them the knowledge to cast the Warp Reality spell.[1a]


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